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exhibit guide

Exhibit & Display Guide

Ingenious methods to exhibit and magnificently display your wares, for discerning business like yours. Make the most of your next exhibit.

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print guide

Printing Booklet

Make mere mortals feel uncontrollable emotion with printing and titillate their wanton desires. Hit them right in the feels, with print.

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Spectacular Spaces Look Book

It’s never been easier to create spectacular spaces. Make your space more engaging and productive. You’ll be surprised just how much can be done!

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Playlists to help you with work, rest & play

Chaise Lounge (vol V1)


A little level change here. Perfect for relaxation and contemplation. Sink into a comfy chair and embark on a dreamy emotional voyage. Headphones on. Close your eyes. And breathe… 

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Chaise Lounge (vol V)


An uptempo vibe perfect to let loose and unwind. This is volume V. There’s no ‘I’ in team but there’s a ‘V’ in Groove. Let’s go, baby.

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Chaise Lounge (vol IV)


Audio accompaniment to your daily exercise. Or just the kitchen dance floor. Let’s shift like no one is watching.

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Chaise Lounge (vol III)


A more uptempo session than our previous two releases. Perfect for blissfully unwinding with a homemade cocktail after a tough week.

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Chaise Lounge (vol II)


Take our hand. Escape with us for a while with this dreamy journey through contemplation. Sit back and soak it up.

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Chaise Lounge (vol I)


Over 80 minutes of chilled beats from Nettl HQ. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, focus… or generally just getting through it together.

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